Some updates for 2020

Hi! I am sorry, I have yet again failed being a regular blogger but I at least did not forget that I had a page. So, I did come by to check on my page. Just like every other writer on the planet, I’ve felt that the title of my page and the link to the page needed to be unique so people know what it’s about. Therefore, some changes have been made. As I understand, 2020 has been rough for the average human being and is leaving no stone unturned to inflict pain to our existence. However, I hope … Continue reading Some updates for 2020

The purpose of a Yatra

I recently posted Going on a Yatra and in the process thought I must be more elaborate on the purpose of one. So, why do the yatra? As discussed previously seeking a yatra was to seek divinity, to be humbled, and to experience mental cleansing during the process. But this is for those who are spiritually inclined, devotional, and wanting to experience the sacredness of the journey. What else does a Yatra do? My understanding is that the purpose of a Yatra was Four fold A. To take a Holiday and break the monotony B. To experience a new place. … Continue reading The purpose of a Yatra

Why blog when you have plenty of sh*t to do in grad school ?

Hello, Welcome to my blog And yes, you’re right! I am a grad student and I do have plenty of sh*t to do. So, what’s this all about? Ever since a child, I have always enjoyed listening to people narrate their experiences. Listening to these experiences has not only shaped my opinion of the world but has also influenced the way I approach and think through things in general. Even though I make my own judgements, learning from others experiences I felt was important. Much like everyone else, I have my own experiences to share with the world. This is … Continue reading Why blog when you have plenty of sh*t to do in grad school ?